Alneja G. Horvat

Dream and regression therapist

Pregnancy and stress coach



My name is Alneja G. Horvat and I have been working as a dream and regression therapist for over a decade now. The world of dreams has been my favorite place since early childhood – I studied and explored it in and out to heal and grow. Later on turned it into my profession.

As a Dream and Regression Therapist I offer archetypal intuitive sessions, dream sessions and therapies, regression and dream healing and have specialized in helping women get pregnant through transformative dream and archetype work. Besides individual dream therapy sessions and dream interpreting I offer deeply transformative classes on dreams and the subconscious that have helped so many of my clients. My dream-themed classes open once a year and we are just about to start this year’s 4-MONTH INTENSIVE DREAM COURSE.

If you would like to join us or find out more about the 2-part intensive dream workshop, please keep reading.



Would you like to find out more about the workshop?



This is a 2-part course created for beginners as well as those who have already completed a basic dream course, have basic knowledge in this field and would simply like to dive deeper and learn about the most mystical layers of dreams.

In the first part of the Intensive Dream Course we will learn about the psychology of dreams, look into the basic symbols and different forms and types of dreams and the connection between dreams and our subconscious.

Within PART 1 we will cover the following topics:

– The 11 basic types of dreams
– The 3 main forms of dreams
– Prophetic dreams & how to decode and work with them
– Nightmares (why they occur and how to stop them)
– Children’s dreams
–  What is a recurring dream and why it happens
–  How to interpret dreams step by step
–  Techniques and methods for controlling, enhancing and altering dreams
–  How to keep a dream journal and create your own dream book
–  Spiritual practices that enhance dreams and intuition
–  Protection during sleep and connection to your dream guide and much more

PART 1 is the foundation of PART 2. So, in order to enroll in PART 2 you must first finish PART 1. It is crucial that we first cover and learn the basics we can later build on.

In PART 2 we will learn how to use dreams as a tool for powerful insights and spiritual growth. We will dive deep into lucid dreams, ancient practices, healing, erotics etc. This is the fun part of the class. It will teach you about:

– Lucid dreams and dream control
– Erotic dreams
– Healing dreams and regeneration during sleep
– Magical dreams for achieving your goals, desires and creating abundance
– The practices of Ancient Egypt and connection to the Divine
– Astral traveling and spiritual dreams
– Healing your past and childhood traumas through dreams
– Communication with your loved ones in Heaven and telepathic communication in dreams
– Prophetic dreams
–  DREAM MAGIC (how to create positive, healing and abundant dreams)

To enroll in the class send me an e-mail at:
or message me here.

Duration: 4-month intensive course happening once a week (16 sessions lasting up to approx. 3 hours)
Location: Online
First meeting: June 2, 2020 at 6 p.m. CET (In case you can’t make it to the live call, you can ask for the recording.)

Part 1: 400 Eur (can be paid in installments)
Part 2: 400 Eur (can be paid in installments)
SPECIAL PRICE for Part 1 + Part 2  if you enroll until May 16: 650 Eur (can be paid in installments)

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